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  • Autor: Mihai CHIOVEANU
  • An aparitie: 2013
  • Numar de pagini: 176
  • Format: A5
  • ISBN: 978-606-16-0335-0

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“Many of those who died in the eastern parts of Romanian jurisdiction from 1941 to 1944 were the victims of Romanian perpetrators. Simultaneously many of the survivors owe their lives to the very same complex social and political reality of Romania. The events in Romanian Holocaust can hardly be captured with simple explanatory models. In his book Mihai Chioveanu describes changing motives, identifies emotional backgrounds and puts decisions and orders of the political leadership in their respective historical context.” (Armin Heinen, Professor of History, RWTH University Aachen, author of Rumänien, der Holocaust und die Logik der Gewalt)

“Was Marshal Ion Antonescu the butcher or the savior of Romanian Jewry? Were the authorities of the times perpetrators or collaborators? Readers who expect a definitive answer to this question will probably close this volume as illuminated as they have opened it, for these might be the wrong questions. As circumstances change, so do policies. As authors change, so do historical representations when it comes to depicting villains (or heroes, for that matter). Mihai Chioveanu belongs to that new post-communist generation of Romanian historians who, unlike its predecessors, is thoroughly familiar and keeps up-to-date with international literature on the radical right and its varieties. And he is also a political scientist constantly preoccupied with the past’s relevance for the present.” (Michael Shafir, Professor Emeritus, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj, author of Între negare și trivializare prin comparație. Negarea Holocaustului în țările postcomuniste din Europa Centrală și de Est)

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