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1. History of the Publishing House

Editura Universităţii din Bucureşti (Bucharest University Press) is a department of the University, founded in 1993 by an Order of the former Ministry of Education (today the Ministry of National Education) and by a French-Romanian technical assistance agreement. The new structure assumed, on a higher level, the functions of the Multiplication Centre that had been set up in 1969 and later, in 1972, had been transformed into Bucharest University Printing House. Nowadays our production is of about 200 titles per year, most of which are carried out in our printing workshop.

2. Thematic profile

BUP publishes scientific books: treatises, monographs, dictionaries, results of in-depth investigations (involving archival documents or field research), collective volumes illustrating various research topics (sometimes with foreign contributors), university courses, collections of exercises / problems, seminar and laboratory notebooks, scientific books of some Romanian (inter)nationally renown authors, proceedings of some national and international scientific manifestations, volumes in foreign languages, books with (co) authors / (co) publishers, national and international reviews (including the Annals of the University of Bucharest) – covering the educational-formative-professional offer of the University of Bucharest. The works fall into four major fields that correspond to the scientific fields of all the faculties of the University of Bucharest: natural sciences, exact sciences, Romanian and foreign letters, socio-human sciences (and also interdisciplinary volumes). For a better visibility and coherence of the editorial offer (also illustrating the scientific quality of the volumes), almost the entire editorial production of BUP is organized in collections. Also, BUP publications are protected by the Law no. 8/1996 on copyright. BUP is a member of Romanian Publishers Association – RPA (AER) (since 2002) and is an OSIM registered trademark.

3. Contribution to the dissemination of research results

3.1. BUP participates in book fairs in Romania, both in the well-known ones (BookFest Bucharest, Gaudeamus Bucharest, Librex Iași, Bookfest Timișoara), as well as in fairs with a smaller impact. At some book fairs in Romania, the University of Bucharest Publishing House participated in partnership with publishing houses belonging to universities from the University Consortium (along with the University of Bucharest, “Al. I. Cuza” University of Iasi, Babeș-Bolyai University – Cluj, West University of Timisoara, Economic Studies Academy (ASE) in Bucharest);

3.2. Books published at BUP are also sent to fairs abroad (participation in these international fairs, e.g. Leipzig, Budapest, Prague, Jerusalem, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Belgrade, Istanbul, Sofia, is done through the Ministry of Culture and the Romanian Cultural Institute,  institutions that usually donate those books to various foreign libraries). BUP (“BUP Caravan”) is also present with volumes at cultural and scientific events in higher education institutions at the University of Bucharest and outside;

3.3. The BUP Caravan organizes launchings of BUP publications, see also point 6.A. (Note: all national and international events in which BUP participates are announced, and are still visible on the publisher’s website);

3.4. BUP fulfills its obligation of legal deposit, sending copies of each title to the National Library of Romania, as well as to the Bucharest Metropolitan Library. Volumes are also sent to the National Library of the Republic of Moldova (only copies in Romanian), recently to Central University Library (BCU) Bucharest branch (following a protocol concluded in 2017 between the University of Bucharest and BCU). BUP books are also present in various other libraries in the country (as a result of orders from those libraries) and abroad, many of which are indexed in WorldCat.

4. Impact on research areas is reflected, for example, in citations and reviews of BUP publications, as well as in book editing orders from research centers / institutes both inside and outside the University of Bucharest.

5. For specialized collections, see the Collections section on the website. We present, as examples, some of our collections:

  • LCI – „Limbi, Culturi, Identități” [“Languages, Cultures, Identities”] – presents the results of the scientific research carried out in the Faculty for Foreign Languages and Literatures, particularly in the Classical Studies Institute;
  • HETEROTOPOS – collection of the interdisciplinary research centre named Heterotopos. Representations and practices of foreign spaces, from the Faculty for Foreign Languages and Literatures; one of its foreign partners is Le Centre de Recherche sur la littérature des Voyages (CRLV) of Sorbonne University – Paris IV (France);
  • MEDIAEVALIA – of the Bucharest University Medieval Studies Centre;
  • ROMANICA – published by the Department for Romanic Linguistics, Iberroromanic and Italian Languages and Literatures
  • POLITICS UNLIMITED / LE POLITIQUE SANS FRONTIÈRES / POLITICUL FĂRĂ FRONTIERE – The series encourages the exploration of puzzles at the frontier of several disciplines or that have the potential to change the contemporary landscape of knowledge in political research. Written in foreign languages of international circulation, the studies included in this collection also treat their subjects from perspectives that go beyond the methodological confines of national borders, either through comparative approaches, or through placement within geographical and cultural contexts which are larger than the limits of the nation state.
  • GOVERNMENT & SOCIETY / GOUVERNEMENT ET SOCIÉTÉ / GUVERNARE ŞI SOCIETATE. The series explores the core themes, theories and concepts of political science from both historical and contemporary perspectives. It includes critical debates and new approaches to major puzzles within the discipline, as well as in-depth analyses of intricate topics.
  • GENDER, POLITICS & SOCIETY / GENRE, POLITIQUE ET SOCIÉTÉ / GEN, POLITICĂ ŞI SOCIETATE. Aiming to contribute particularly to the field of gender studies, the titles included in this collection explore the social processes through which gender, class, ethnicity, race and sexual orientation are built in relation to political regimes and ideologies. Authors are encouraged to propose comparative and/or transdisciplinary analyses, preferably in foreign languages of international circulation.
    Editors: Reader/Associate Professor Victor Rizescu and prof. Laurentiu Vlad
    The collection aims to gather research that analyzes the construction of memory and identities both from the perspective of the history of mentalities and social history, as well as from the history of politics, intellectual history or political science.
  • TIMPUL PREZENT. Series dedicated to studies in social sciences, particularly history, political science and international relations, which explore the post-Cold War evolution of states, societies, public authorities and other state entities, as well as of European and global organizations, and of the relations developed among them.
  • STUDIA THEOLOGICA Collection – Theology field.

6. Modalities of distributing the volumes in the country and abroad:

A. Online bookstore – special section on the site, but also, for each book, the option to order online (“Add to cart”) the books presented (exhibited) on the BUP website,, a site that has 2 versions, in Romanian and in English. For those interested, there are several possibilities to search / identify volumes published by BUP: search from the online library or directly from macro-domains and collections, or using the order of appearance, by domains and subdomains, by collections, internal search engine, the search by keywords present on the site (with the name of “Suitable words”), the slide presentation of recent issues and, last but not least, the press releases, still present on the publisher’s website, indicating the route of the “BUP Caravan” (internal mobile structure for disseminating BUP publications, consisting of traveling with BUP volumes, on a specific topic or on various topics, to various faculties / institutions / events / book launchings – the latter organized by BUP or other institutions –, including national book fairs, as well as, through cultural institutions, international book fairs); within the online bookstore, for each volume are included the cover photo and the description of the volume, as well as details such as ISBN, year of publication, format, number of pages, price / availability; the site is interactive, with the possibility of questions / comments from users; BUP also has a Facebook page; as additional information, some customers, individuals or institutions, order books by e-mail from the publisher. Online orders from Romania reach buyers through the Romanian Post or express courier. For book distribution abroad, see point F.

B. Online display of books, see point A.

C. Bookstore-sales center, located in Bucharest, in a visible and accessible area – the hall of the Faculty of History, Bd. Regina Elisabeta, no. 4-12.

D. Book distribution contracts, with SOCIETATEA COMERCIALĂ BIBLIOSTAR S.R.L. – Mihai Eminescu Bookstore – Bucharest, concluded in 2013 and renewed annually until now (including 2020), and with PRIOR MEDIA GROUP SRL (based in Bucharest), concluded in 2019 (renewed in 2020).

E. The Free Download section of the BUP website, indicated both in the Menu and in a red rectangle (this includes numerous scientific journals published by the BUP, as well as some of the non-periodic BUP volumes); sometimes this type of scientific reviews published by EUB are available for free (and) on other scientific sites.

F. DISTRIBUTION OF THE BUP BOOKS ABROAD: The fulfillment of orders abroad is done through a specialized company, Cris Media Press SRL. Overseas customers order books through the online bookstore or sometimes through the publisher’s email.

7. Partnerships with foreign publishers, on the basis of which some BUP publications appear, including translations from foreign authors, are another opportunity to ensure the international visibility of the BUP.

8. For BUP awards at national and international book fairs (or other similar distinctions), see the “Diplomas and Awards” button on the publisher’s website, as well as the history of announcements published on the publisher’s website.

9. For BUP periodicals, see Online Bookstore – Periodicals.

10. The modalities to attract manuscript proposals for publication: The BUP Editorial Board, organized in 2012 at the UB level, and composed of faculty representatives, establishes the BUP’s editorial policies and coordinates the scientific aspects of the BUP’s activity, also involving in the peer-review process.

11. The peer-review process (evaluation of the works before publication): the objectivity is ensured by the secrecy of the author’s name in the electronic manuscript and by the evaluation by 2 reviewers from outside the University of Bucharest and one from the UB; the condition of publication is that all reports (usually 3 in number) are favorable (minimum grades of 8), which guarantees the scientific quality of each editorial appearance; among the reviewers there are important personalities from the academic environment. For more details on the peer-review process, see the “Editorial Process” button on the website. Also, the reviewers commissions for several humanities are displayed on the publisher’s website.



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