Bucharest University Press obtained the grade B during the assessment of CNCS. BUP is accredited to publish the works of high scientific value, in the fields of Philology, Philosophy, History and Cultural Studies, Theology.

Bucharest University Press is a department of the University, founded in 1993 by an Order of the former Ministry of Education (today the Ministry of National Education) and by a French-Romanian technical assistance agreement.

The new structure assumed, on a higher level, the functions of the Multiplication Centre that had been set up in 1969 and later, in 1972, had been transformed into Bucharest University Printing House.

The publishing house offers to students, professors and secondary school teachers:

  • Stipend university courses for students;
  • Books – handbooks, treatises, and problems collections for students, all degrees teaching staff, as well as for a cultured public. Although they have commercial prices, these editorial products are quite accessible, due to the limited-lucrative intentions. Their scientific level is our main concern.

With a view to a better visibility and coherence of the editorial offer, and also as an illustration of the professors’ research results, part of the titles are grouped into collections:

  • LCI-“Languages, Cultures, Identities” – presents the results of the scientific research carried out in the Faculty for Foreign Languages and Literatures, particularly in the Classical Studies Institute;
  • HETEROTOPOS – collection of the interdisciplinary research centre named Heterotopos. Representations and practices of foreign spaces, from the Faculty for Foreign Languages and Literatures; one of its foreign partners isle Centre de Recherche sur la littérature des Voyages (CRLV) of Sorbonne Paris University – Paris IV (France);
  • MEDIAEVALIA – of the Bucharest University Medieval Studies Centre;
  • ROMANICA – published by the Department for Romanic Linguistics, Iberian-Romanic Languages and Literatures and Italian;
  • TEXT IN CONTEXT – coordinated by Professor Lidia Vianu. It includes contributions of young critics who study contemporary British literature from a multiple-reading perspective and in an interdisciplinary way the methods of the contemporary literary theory;
  • POLITICS UNLIMITED / LE POLITIQUE SANS FRONTIÈRES / POLITICUL FĂRĂ FRONTIERE – The series encourages the exploration of puzzles at the frontier of several disciplines or that have the potential to change the contemporary landscape of knowledge in political research. Written in foreign languages of international circulation, the studies included in this collection also treat their subjects from perspectives that go beyond the methodological confines of national borders, either through comparative approaches, or through placement within geographical and cultural contexts which are larger than the limits of the nation state.
    The series explores the core themes, theories and concepts of political science from both historical and contemporary perspectives. It includes critical debates and new approaches to major puzzles within the discipline, as well as in-depth analyses of intricate topics.
    Aiming to contribute particularly to the field of gender studies, the titles included in this collection explore the social processes through which gender, class, ethnicity, race and sexual orientation are built in relation to political regimes and ideologies. Authors are encouraged to propose comparative and/or transdisciplinary analyses, preferably in foreign languages of international circulation.
    Editors: Reader/Associate Professor Victor Rizescu and prof. Laurentiu Vlad
    The collection aims to gather research that analyzes the construction of memory and identities both from the perspective of the history of mentalities and social history, as well as from the history of politics, intellectual history or political science.
    Until 2019, this collection was called “MEMORY, IDENTITY AND MENTALITIES / MEMORY, IDENTITY & MENTALITIES / MÉMOIRE, IDENTITÉ ET MENTALITÉS” and was coordinated by the late prof. Mihail Chioveanu and Mr. Prof. Univ. Laurentiu Vlad.
    Series dedicated to studies in social sciences, particularly history, political science and international relations, which explore the post-Cold War evolution of states, societies, public authorities and other state entities, as well as of European and global organizations, and of the relations developed among them.

Naturally, the topics are connected with the scientific-cultural fields covered by the Faculties of the University:

  • life and exact sciences;
  • letters, history and philosophy;
  • Political sciences, law and journalism;
  • psychology, general and special pedagogy, sociology;
  • Religion and Theology;
  • homage volumes dedicated to great professors of the Bucharest University, proceedings of international and national seminars or conferences organized by the University, as well as the 12 series of “Bucharest University Annals” (mathematics, informatics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, law, history, philosophy, Romanian language and literature, foreign languages and literatures, political sciences).

Our production is of about 200 titles per year, most of which are carried out in our printing workshop and distributed through our own bookshop (B-dul Regina Elisabeta, 4-12, tel. +4021 314 35 08, extension 2125)

We will soon produce multimedia editions; for now, the publishing catalogue, the yearly editorial plan and the Bucharest University Annals are available via Internet.

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