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Human Geographies

Human Geographies – Journal of Studies and Research in Human Geography was first published in 2007 to provide an intemational forum of social, economic and cultural contributions to the fields of human geography. It is a peer-reviewed journal, has both online and print versions and ISSNs. It represents the initiative and effort of the members of the Human Geography Department, Faculty of Geography from University ofBucharest.
Human Geographies-is a biannual publication with a content solely in English which can be viewed at
Human Geographies is committed to publish scholarly research and informed commentaries on a wide category ofhuman geography aspects (including urban and rural issues, demography, social, economic and cultural environment ), place issues, and space issues. It welcomes contributions from the growing numbers of scholars and practitioners across geography, humanities and social and environmental sciences who are interested in human, economic and cultural geographies. The publication is particularly committed to the development of interpretative approaches to the above mentioned issues. It does not restrict its remit to any particular methodological or theoretical orientation, but publishes both scholarly papers and more speculative pieces designed to further understanding and debate. Interested contributors are invited to submitting a paper directly by e-mail at

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