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  • Autor: Maria-Sabina DRAGA ALEXANDRU
  • An aparitie: 2008
  • Numar de pagini: 208
  • Format: A5
  • ISBN: 978-973-737-510-0

16,53 lei

There is at present a renewed interest in performance and performativity as categories that go beyond the theatrical stage and deeply affect the social sphere. As, in the wake of postmodernism, the dividing line between the theatre and ‘reality’ is getting increasingly blurred, multicultural interpretations of today’s global world are more sensitive to context-specific features of each culture than to the older mission of the Empire writing back to the centre.

This book is not an exhaustive treatise on multi-ethnic American literatures, but a collection of individual case studies that, together, represent instances of what I call non-WASP writing. This concept will be used not only in an ethnic sense strictly speaking, but even more as defining a kind of subversive writing that focuses around America as primarily a realm of imagination. It is writing on/from America as a cultural space or simply related to America as an ideal, invented cultural zone where certain things are thought to be possible which are not possible elsewhere. This kind of writing is representative of an entirely different, actually opposite, attitude of dissent from conservative political, religious and cultural values, which in fact has always been the primum movens of migration to America and which constitutes the foundation of American idealism and of the American dream.

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