PRESENT – DAY ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGES IN ROMANIA AND TURKEY, Proceedings, The 8th Romanian – Turkish Geographical Seminar 2 -11 September 2012, București – Slănic Moldova – Sinaia, Romania

  • Autor: Acad. Dan BĂLTEANU, Prof. Ibrahim ATALAY, Prof. Liliana DUMITRACHE, Dr. Ana Irina DINCĂ (editori)
  • An aparitie: 2013
  • Numar de pagini: 150
  • Format: B5
  • ISBN: 978-606-16-0268-1

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Cuprins: Ibrahim Atalay – Some Information and Sights on 2010, Mount Merapi Eruption Damages; Dan Bălteanu, Monica Dumitrașcu, Elena-Ana Popovici – Land Use Changes Along he Romanian Danube Valley in the Context of European Union Danube Strategy; Ibrahim Atalay – Natural Environment and Native Human Activities in Andes; George Erdeli, Ana-Irina Dincă, Camelia Surugiu – National and International Disparities With Regard to Romanian Tourism Industry; Isa Cürebal, Alaatin Kizilçaoğlu, Abdullah Soykan, Recep Efe, Süleyman Sönmez – Precipitation Characteristics in Balikesir and Its Vicinity; Laura Comănescu, Alexandru Nedelea – Inventoring the Principal Geomorphosites for Determining Geomorphodiversity. Case study – The Central Sector of the Bucegi Mountains (The Carpathians, Romania); Hediye Arzu Gokce, Ismail Buldan – Land Use and Landscape Ecology of Gediz Delta, Aegean Region; Liliana Dumitrache, Mariana Nae – Changing Cities: Urban Restructuring Projects in Bucharest for the Market Economy; Raziye Oban (Čakicioğlu) – Measuring the Level of Consciousness of Undergraduate Students Related to Cultural Heritage Areas: An Example from Buca Education Faculty; Emine Teyfur – Geography Preservice Teacher Opinions toward Online Learning Technologies; Florina Tatu, Liviu Tatu – Demographic Changes in Brăila Municipality during Postcomunist Period; Gülpinar Akbulut – Geopark and Geoturism: A Case Study from Divrigi District (Turkey); Ana-Irina Dincă, Nicolae Dincă – Aspects on Main Floristic Associations in Câmpulung Moldovenesc Depression; Laura Tîrlă, Iuliana Vijulie, Elena Matei, Gabriela Manea, Roxana Cuculici – Land Use-Increased Human Impact and Landslides in Carpathian Resorts (Băile Olănești, Romania); Ana Maria Marin, Marian Marin, Alexandra Zaharia – The Whirlpools, Water Mills, Symbols of Local Authenticity in Țara Lăpușului; Ovidiu Cristian Popa – he Evaluation of the Touristic Potential of Slănic Moldova Valley.

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