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UNIVERSITY OF BUCHAREST REVIEW. Literary and Cultural Studies Series. Vol. XIV (vol. II – new series) no.2, 2012. (M)other Nature? Inscriptions, Locations, Revolutions (II)

  • An aparitie: 2012
  • Numar de pagini: 124
  • Format: B5
  • ISSN; ISSN-L: 2069-8658

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Contents: Irina Bocianu – Feminine (M)other Nature in Jeanette Winterson’s Oranges are not the Only Fruit; Heather Brown Hudson – Dog Woman and the Complexities of the Maternal Instinct; Eric Gilder and Mervyn Hagger – Me and My Shadow Reinterpreted; Mihaela Irimia – Vagabundu and Vagamundu’: The Classic Modern Ambition of Geography Anatomized and Grammaticalized; Monica Oancă – Taming Nature in the Luttrell Psalter; Anca Peiu – The (M)other as Monster: Modern Curious Cases of Naturalsand their (Birth) Stories; Brygida Pudelko – Conrad and Turgenev’s Delineations of Nature; Alexandra Radu – Blending nature, superstition and tradition; Mihaela Stoica – Female’s Representations of Males’ Image of Women in George Eliot’s Works; Elena Emilia Ștefan – Campania in Classical Antiquity; Book Reviews: Bogdan Ștefănescu – Alexander Regier “Fracture and Fragmentation in British Romanticism”, Cambridge University Press, 2010; Notes on Contributors.

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