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  • Autor: Mircea DUMITRU, Gabriel SANDU (editors)
  • An aparitie: 2013
  • Numar de pagini: 222
  • Format: A5
  • ISBN: 978-606-16-0271-1

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“One of the most important semantic concepts is that of truth. Since the validity of a deductive rule of inference means that is necessarily truth preserving, the theory of deductive logic must have its foundation in a theory of semantics.” (JAAKKO HINTIKKA & GABRIEL SANDU)

“The general idea of a doctrine of truthmaking that I sketch here finds its proper place within a realist conception of truth. One has to endorse the view that truth is a relational property that holds between truth-bearers and other entities in order to make full sense of the idea of truthmaking.” (MIRCEA DUMITRU)

The twelve essays which make up this volume are the revised versions of the papers of the conference on Truth organized by both the Paris-based International Institute of Philosophy (IIP) and the University of Bucharest (held at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Bucharest, in September 12-15, 2012). There is a diversity of subjects and approaches to the topic of truth, and this reflects the versatility and richness of the current inquiry on truth and related notions in contemporary philosophy.




Ontology and Truth: the Aristotelian Legacy (TOMÁS CALVO)

Une réponse à Ponce Pilate (PASCAL ENGEL)

Truth, Pragmatism and Morality (DAVID WIGGINS)

Truth in Ontology. A Structuralist Approach (ILIE PÂRVU)

Ens et Verum Convertuntur (Are Truth and Being Convertible)? A Contemporary Perspective (JAN WOLEŃSKI)

Truth: Absolute or Relative? (ILKKA NIINILUOTO)

Logical Truths and Logical Facts (OSWALDO CHATEAUBRIAND)

Truthmakers for Modals. Meaning, Truth, Modals and Quantifiers (MIRCEA DUMITRU)

Propositional Identity, Quantification, Belief and Truth in Predicative Propositional Logic (DANIEL VANDERVEKEN)

La vérité : succès et déboires (EVANGHÉLOS MOUTSOPOULOS)

“Truth” as a Metatheoretic Interpretative Construct and the Idea of Truth-Generating Potentials (HANS LENK)

Truth and Interpretation of Narrative (IOAN PÂNZARU)

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  1. Iulian Apostolescu

    Buna seara,

    Ar fi bine sa faceti vizibil si cuprinsul volumelor colective.
    Pentru site-ul e foarte important sa avem si astfel de informatii despre autori.

    Iulian Apostolescu

    • Raluca Grigoriu

      Mulţumim pentru sugestie, vom ţine cont de aceasta.

      Raluca Grigoriu

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