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  • Autor: Lidia VIANU
  • An aparitie: 2010
  • Numar de pagini: 295
  • Format: A5
  • ISBN: 978-973-737-823-1

31,00 lei

Colecția TEXT IN CONTEXT – ContBritLit: Essays in Contemporary British Literature

After long years of word-creation for the use of critical jargon, it seems that now, in 2010, the time has come for criticism to focus on something else than coining intelligent term for something that the human mind can only point at (or ‘beckon’ – as Matthew Arnold put it): creation. To quote David Lodge, the critic finds himself right now (as ever) in the ‘ironical’ position to ‘paraphrase the unparaphrasable’. A wall of totalitarianism has fallen. The tyranny of literary has lost ground. Criticism came into the world as a prolongation of the literary text. It rejoiced at its victories, it mocked at its failures, it focused on the author. As years went by, the author slowly lost his jewels, his clothes, his limbs, his soul. Criticism claimed the text was autonomous. Literary theory took it from there, and proclaimed the death of the author and the unknown origin of the text.

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